Get an open- world action rpg where you decide.

Relive ancient greece in this open- world action RPG. Choose how to act, and reshape history and myths!

Meet townsfolk in a world of old. Make friends, talk and converse and/ or take on quests of your choosing. 

Expore dungeons all around the world, and combat monsters of all sorts. Loot, level up and complete quests! With no randomly generated dungeons, and stories and secrets in every little cave/ dungeon

New things! Yeah that's right. NPC's now fight with you! they protect you with their life. Yes they die a lot. Also, new artsyle and sprites! including houses, doors, pots, market stands, a player and a female player! For the (many many) fans of Paulo, yes he died sadly. I didn't like his sprite, but because of the
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Voila! A brandspanking new tilemap and prototype-level. Made by me and with the help of my kind girlfriend. Also: a new NPC! His name is Paulo and he's still very dumb. He can only follow! And: new weapons! They can be equiped and be carried around, as well as used ofcourse! On that dirty slime. Our beloved
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One of my first walking animations. This new gondola will be an god in the upcoming game. As the first animated god, he will be Gondolus. God of observing, pacifism and beggars. Protecting those who worship him, and follow his way.

Hello! It's 2 weeks ago since the last post. In that time I started doing a pixelart course on Udemy! So I got something extra to show off (visually). In that time process was made: Enemy destruction! You can now kick some slime- ass! And permanently destroy them!Player bug- fixes and new animationsNew tileset in the
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