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NEW: DevBlog 0: ‘Myhtical’ classic Roleplaying game!

A couple of weeks ago I have started a new project. After countless ideas and wanting to make some game, I finally decided on something wich I eventually will make bigger and more complete than my previous games. It will be called:

This post will be something like a little promotion for the game, but more a casual devblog showing progress and my ideas.

Mythos: Awakening

A classic roleplaying game, where you adventure, fight, die and kill, in a young earth filled with gods and myths! Filled with quests and a non- linear and openworld(-ish) experience. Inspired by games like Skyrim, Pokemon, Eschalon and the Avatar (airbender) games. You will be able to wander about, encountering interesting NPC’s with quests that could be a quick buck for you, or something that will change the world forever, maybe coming across gods!

As this is devblog 0: I will resume the progress up until now. Around 6 weeks ago or so.

  • New Storyline! With already 10+ gods in the pantheon and the main gameflow decided

Human civilization and the rest of the existing world was destroyed by the gods. Then after came a new world born from these ashes. You’re living in this young earth, a world full of life, death, myths and gods roaming around. Humans are fearfull of the gods, and civilization has only just started to emerge. People fight with bronze pointed sticks or swords. Will you choose a god to side with? Can you muster the strength of a thousand men?

  • Generic enemy AI! Able to chase the player and attack damage it, or wander around randomly. Future enemies/ bosses will build upon thiss class
  • Player! With movement programmed, state-machine, animations and able to attack by hit or to interact.
  • Female player model! I’m practicing my artwork
  • 2 new Tilemaps and levels!
  • Main game logic like a main menu screen added and much more

Fig 1: Enemy slime!

He can be seen randomly wandering about looking for a player to attack.


Fig 2: Testing the tilemap

The first area will be one like represented above. A lush forest with a small village where from you will start your adventure! With houses, NPC’s (+ quests) and monsters deep in the forest!

The game will be made for newgrounds in particular, as it is a wonderfull community and place. And it’s where i’m active. It will also be released for phones without pesky ads or in- app purchases. And native on mac/ windows/ linus via This game will be mostly made by me! And I do it just for fun as a hobby. The plan is to release a product worthy of Newgrounds’ attention. If it will become popular, I may make a way more bigger and better standalone game. Release planned for 2021.

I am mainly a programmer and a storywriter with pretty poor art skills. I am always looking for artists to form a team with. for free and for fun, or for some money. If you are interested or know someone who might, please PM me.

Credits to:

Puck van Loon for assistance and artstyle. And for always making me smile with my heart <3

Godot! my favourite and amazing open-source game engine <3

Pita Madgwick where I bought some of the art

Kenney Assets for some of the art, especially while prototyping! Because it’s mostly free

Aseprite for being so nice

Newgrounds ofcourse, for being a great piece of internet that keeps staying true and nice troughout the years; Steam; Discord; and more …

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